HR policies

We offer our staff good and attractive employment conditions and actively try to promote their job satisfaction. The objective of our HR policies is to promote a good work-life balance and to support employees suffering illness or stress or having an alcohol- or substance-related problem.

Working environment and job satisfaction

The working environment is part of the foundation of our business development, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Our ambition is to create a sound and inspirational working environment promoting equal opportunities, well-being, job satisfaction and security, and reflecting current trends in society in general. We are working to achieve this through preventive efforts based on the latest knowledge in the field. We conduct an extensive in-house employee survey every year in which all employees have the opportunity to voice their opinion on working conditions, management, job satisfaction, well-being, etc.

Absence and presence

The Group considers long-term absence a joint challenge because it causes strain on the employee, on his or her superior and other colleagues in the department. We therefore want to ensure that the superior and the employee are in touch regularly during the period of absence so as to ensure that the employee gets the best possible support.

Life-long learning

The Group has a constant focus on employee development to ensure that our employees have the right qualifications to handle their jobs now and in the future.

We expect that all employees play an active role in ensuring that we can at all times match the demands and expectations of internal as well as external customers in terms of the services we provide.


Our employees' outlook on life, ethnic background, age, gender or sexual orientation must not be a factor in the recruitment or development of our staff, provided that their conduct or behaviour is not contrary to applicable laws, does not annoy customers or colleagues, or is not incompatible with the Group's image vis-à-vis our customers.

We want to be an attractive place to work for anyone with the right skills and capabilities. Equal opportunities and equal treatment are cornerstones of our HR policies.

Smoking and abuse

We help employees who have an abuse problem. Through institutions offering treatment programmes, we ensure that family members get involved in the process in order to take a work-life approach to the employee. Our abuse team offers consulting and support in a treatment process.


All employees of the Group work in a smoke-free environment.


We expect and are confident that our employees consume alcohol in a way that does not directly or indirectly affect their work, safety, job satisfaction and the reputation of the Group. It goes without saying that employees are not under the influence of alcohol during working hours.

We consider any abuse of other mood-regulating substances such as narcotics, tranquillisers, sleeping medicine or other highly stimulating or tranquillising substances, whether or not prescribed by a medical doctor, to be equivalent to abuse of alcohol.


he Group considers ludomania to be abuse and offers to help employees get professional treatment for ludomania.

Collaboration and interaction

The Group expects everyone in the organisation to collaborate in a constructive and open manner based on confidence and good communications.

All our employees should feel there is room for open and honest interaction. We believe this is important in order to maintain mutual confidence and commitment and to ensure that we can react to the needs of our employees.

We have several opportunities for interaction between our employees, managers and the Group. These include the annual employee opinion survey, the results of which are discussed by employees and their superiors.

Performance appraisals are held once a year to gauge the relationship between each employee and the Group; and the employee development plan ensures that both the Group and the employee feel there is progression towards the targets and goals defined.

Late career

It is the Group's goal to provide a flexible framework that meets employees' individual late-career needs and motivates competent and committed seniors to stay on until their pensionable age provided for by their collective agreement, or later. Seniors are offered various benefits, including an additional week's holiday.

We consider seniors to be a valuable resource and want to provide opportunities that meet their individual needs until retirement, on the one hand, and the Group's requirement for commitment by competent and experienced employees, on the other.


As a group, we cannot avoid stress, but we can make an effort to reduce it, and together we can develop a culture that works proactively to avoid stress and its effects. Everybody has a joint responsibility for ensuring that stress is countered early and to ensure that individuals are not brought in a situation where stress becomes a health risk. If an employee is, nevertheless, hit by stress, the Group will make a number of tools available to deal with the situation.


We believe that all our employees want to lead a healthy life, and it is important to the Group to provide a framework for a healthy lifestyle. The recipe for a healthy lifestyle, and what it takes, is up to the individual.

Health insurance

Most of the Group's employees are covered by a common health insurance plan.