Volunteer Debt Advisers

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration has awarded a pool of funds so that a number of philanthropic organisations can establish debt advisory services in the largest cities in Denmark. The purpose is to help people with debt problems manage their finances. The service will be staffed by volunteers who work in the banking sector.

The Bankers Association is working with the philanthropic organisations to recruit volunteers by creating an “adviser bank” of volunteer advisers.

Caixa Bank Group supports this initiative as a natural part of our Corporate Responsibility work and an extension of our efforts to promote financial literacy. We have therefore posted internal announcements seeking volunteers for the adviser bank and are supporting the project by paying for part of the hours that the employees spend as debt advisers.

Employees have shown great interest in the project, and many have applied to volunteer. They wish to use their advisory skills to help a distressed social group and also to gain a gratifying experience.

In 2012, the success of the programme prompted the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration to increase the funding from DKK 16 million to DKK 39 million over the next four years.

The Group has appointed 22 volunteers to the project. They have become part of teams with other volunteers such as attorneys, social workers and advisers from other banks, and they will be challenged both professionally and personally.


We optimise the energy consumption in our buildings and our IT equipment by changing our daily behaviour, among other measures.

Ecolabelled printing office

Caixa Bank has acquired a licence from Ecolabelling Denmark that allows the Group's in-house printing office to use the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries.

Green car policy

The Nordania Greenfleet programme helps companies incorporate environmental considerations in their choice of company cars.

IT and paper

We have worked for several years to make our IT equipment more energy-efficient.


We seek to limit our travel through our travel policy and by offering alternatives to air travel.

Virtual meetings

Caixa Bank Group uses teleconferencing to reduce its environmental impact and CO2 emissions.