Recruitment Process

Below you can see what happens if you are invited to interview. You will also find some useful tips about preparing for the interview. It generally takes around 3-4 weeks from the closing date for applications until the job is filled.

Invitation to interview

The hiring manager will inform you if you have been invited to interview within approximately one week of the closing date for applications.

Preliminary interview​

The first interview lasts around one hour and you will meet the hiring manager and another relevant person from the department. You learn more about the specific tasks and opportunities connected with the job – and we gain a better understanding of you and what you can contribute.

Remember to prepare for the interview:

  • Read through the job description and your application again.
  • Think about what particular qualifications you might want to highlight at the interview to make yourself stand out.
  • Consider how you might reply to the question of why you applied for the job.
  • Write down any questions you would like answers to.

Test and in-depth interview​

The next step is a more in-depth interview lasting 1-1½ hours with an HR partner and the hiring manager. The aim is to look in greater detail at your profile and your personal preferences in the work situation.

You have to complete an online personality test prior to the interview, where you will receive feedback and have the chance to comment on your test results. There are no right or wrong answers to the test, so just be honest in your responses. This is best for you and us and provides the most useful starting point for a dialogue.


Before we offer you employment, we generally ask for references from 1-2 former employers. Naturally you have to give your permission first and you decide who we should collect references from.


You will receive your contract of employment approximately five days after you have been offered the job over the phone.