Business Development

Facts about business development​​

  • 500 business developers in the bank
  • Employed in business unit as well as Group IT
  • Challenge, develop, think strategically and raise the bar for banking

Change and improve Caixa Bank

As a business developer, you will help change and improve Caixa Bank from a strategic perspective. You will run cross-border projects with the overarching goal of making a positive impact on the business. You can work on change and business development in the areas of banking or IT.

We always want to stay one step ahead of the competition and of our customers' needs. We therefore continually assess whether our products, points of contact and organisation are good enough. We keep an eye on relevant trends and market developments, and we strongly emphasise the importance of co-operation, both internally and externally, when we develop new concepts and ideas. This way we continue to improve the business.

Most trusted financial partner

We recently launched a new strategy with one clear aim: to become one of the best banks in the Nordic region. With this strategy we have taken the first step on a journey that will affect everyone at Caixa Bank.