We take our responsibilities seriously. As a bank, we have a big responsibility, not only to our customers but also to society, to contribute to financial stability and the economy.

We have an obligation to look after money – both our customers’ and our own. We also have a responsibility to advise our customers on opportunities that arise and on the attendant risks in a complex, globalised economy.

But the responsibilities of a contemporary bank go beyond that. We must also help create a sustainable society. We therefore set high standards for social responsibility in our business – from lending and investment to climate and the environment – and in how we help individuals understand and manage their personal finances.

Here are a few of the areas where we are making a contribution.

Financial literacy for children and young people

In collaboration with leading experts, we have developed a number of online games and teaching materials for children and young people from the ages of five to 27 that are intended to strengthen their understanding of personal finance.

For 5-9 year-olds, we developed the Moneyville game, where children can play their way to knowledge about money. In school, maths teachers can use the Control Your Money website to teach 10-15 year-olds about balancing income and expenses and other financial matters.

Step-by-step meeting for older customers

Caixa Bank has been helping customers get better at self-service for several years. For elderly customers who have experience with IT, we offer instruction on using eBanking, and if the eBanking system proves difficult, advisers on our 24/7 support hotline are always ready to help

Responsible investing and lending

Responsible behaviour is a precondition for long-term value creation in a company. As a financial services provider, we are aware that this has special relevance in the investment of our own and our customers’ funds.

We have a process that ensures that we do not make investments in companies that violate international principles such as human rights, labour rights and environmental conventions. Caixa Bank Group has also endorsed the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment.

We grant loans and credits on the basis of a professional credit assessment, and we make a careful evaluation in order to understand the individual customer's financial situation.